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Product Description:


Harp Seal Oil OMEGA-3&6 (NPN: 80003097)


Harp seal oil is an excellent source of various essential fatty acids. Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) is a polyunsaturated fatty acid with 20 carbon atoms. Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is a polyunsaturated fatty acid with 22 carbon atoms. Both are reliable sources of essential fatty acids for our bodies. Docosapentaenoic (DPA) is found exclusively in marine animals, and plays a significant role in the brain development of children. It can decrease low-density lipoprotein (LDL), which blocks blood vessels.



– Effectively inhibits clogging of the blood vessels

Decreases LDL (bad cholesterol), the factor contributing to coronary artery disease (CAD).

Relieves symptoms of diabetes, arthritis and hypertension

Protects cell membrane of the brain, retina and sperm

Increases nutrition absorption in the digestive system.

Improves brain, nervous system and eye tissue development.

Beneficial for mental health and weight-loss management.



Harp Seal Oil ————————————– 500mg

The product is certified to contain no artificial preservatives, color, flavor or sweeteners, dairy, wheat or yeast.

For other ingredients, please refer to label.


Adults take 2 to 4 capsules daily. The dosage for children is subjected to reduce to 1-2 capsules of Harp Seal Oil per day

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  • 维持机体健康
  • 降低胆固醇和低密度脂蛋白
  • 协调认知和大脑功能
  • 帮助青少年大脑,视力和神经系统的发育

康加美海豹油软胶囊采用加拿大北极海豹油提炼精制而成。它含有极丰富 Omega-3脂肪酸-EPA,DHA及DPA,因而海豹油比一般不饱和脂肪酸更具营养价值。这些天然脂肪酸对维持人体健康,对大脑发育和认知功能,心血 管系统健康和促进机体活力十分有益。服用更有助于青少年大脑,视力和神经系统的发育。老年人可增强免疫力, 防止和治疗心脑血管疾病,预防老年痴呆症有显著功效, 是现今最有前途的纯天然高级滋补品。


  • 降低胆固醇和低密度脂蛋白,预防冠心病及脑血管疾病的发生。
  • 协调认知和大脑功能,增强记忆力,减低老年痴呆症发病。
  • 提高人体免疫机能,促进机体活力。
  • 促进青少年大脑,视力和神经系统的发育。
  • 滋润皮肤, 保持水分,补充胶原蛋白,使皮肤不易老化,防止形成皱纹。


海豹油 ———————————————————————— 500 毫克



  • 成人每次2-4粒, 用餐时服用。儿童减量每日1-2粒。
  • 怀孕和哺乳妇女请在服用前请咨询家庭医生。
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